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Наверное у всех рано или поздно в жизни наступает такой момент, когда хочется что то изменить, покорять высоты и добиваться успеха. В этот самый момент важно понять, что, взлеты и падения, то есть сам путь к успеху и есть, то, что делает нас живыми и придает стимул еще усерднее двигаться дальше! Этому я научилась в «BrightWay LS». Здесь я развиваюсь, общаюсь с большим количеством людей, вижу, как чьи то мечты сбываются, а чьи то пока только формируются. Люди уезжают на учебу в страны в которых мечтали жить и учиться, получают заветную работу, благодаря тому что знают языки, заводят новых друзей, а может даже кто то встретил свою судьбу у нас! Трудиться в «BrightWay LS», для меня означает быть счастливой. Ведь только труд который приносит нам удовольствие может подарить удовлетворение собственной жизнью!

Я люблю живое общение, интересные поучительные книги, фантастику, танцы и конечно совершенствоваться в знании языков. С «BrightWay LS» я теперь увлекаюсь конными прогулками на свежем воздухе)) А что любишь ты? Давай обсудим это вместе на уроке Английского!

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You Ken do it!’ — That’s my favourite line and one that I always say to my students. It’s a play of my nickname which I have adopted since my university days.
Not known to many, I was born Jay-r Amante. I am a native of the Philippines, a country in the Far East blessed with bountifulnatural resources and adiverse background of people.
I am a certified English teacher whose experience spans for more than seven years. I finished my studies at University of the Philippines with a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in Communication Arts-English. I have also completed several units in Master of Arts in Education, major in Language Education. Apart from my teaching license, I also possess certificates in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and TESL/TEFL (Teaching English as a Second/ Foreign Language). Furthermore, I attended various Education-related seminars and professional trainings to keep myself up-to-date with current ESL teaching standards. I have been a recipient of several awards both in my academic and professional career.
In my years of teaching, I have taught students ofvarious nationalities most of them coming from East Asia like Koreans and Japanese,others coming from Central Asia such as Kazakhs and Russians.I have also handled different levels from Elementary to Upper-Intermediate including test preparation classes such as IELTS and TOEFL.
My students can attest to my passion for teaching. I treat it as my mission in life. I have made it a personal goal to ensure that all my students learn by heartand at the same time enjoy my classes. It is my genuine desire to make a change and to enlighten others and realize their potentials.
In my free time, I am just like everybody else. I enjoy watching filmsespecially comedy, animation and action thriller. I also like documentaries and reality shows. As far as literature goes, I am a fan of The Iliad and Odyssey, The Catcher in the Rye, and The Little Prince. As for sports, I am no longer as athletic as I used to be. I only play badminton and bowling whenever I have freetime. Finally, anyone who knows me knows that I have passion for music. Not that I have a talent for it, but I am a buff when it comes to mainstream music. I have substantial knowledge of singers as well as their body of work. In particular, I am a fan of Michael Jackson and Christina Aguilera. I sing my heart out whenever I’m alone.
My journey continues both in my personal and professional life. I am currently working for BrightWay, an institution that allows me to express my creativity and live my passion. I sure hope that you will find your experience as good as mine in this institution. We can work it out and together, we can create meaningful and memorable learning experiences.*

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Hello, friends!
My name is Mira Sharbakova. I am an English teacher at the most amazing language school in Almaty «Bright Way Language School». I have been teaching English as a tutor since I graduated Suleyman Demirel University in 2011.
The first thing that comes to my mind about teaching, is that teaching is in my blood, my heart, my soul and It is important to me as air. I love teaching because I can be creative, I try to do my best and make all of my lessons exciting, enjoyable and effective. Also I love teaching because I can care about people. The concept of caring is also intricately woven throughout the personal and professional being I am as a teacher. I want my students to know that not only do I care about them as my students, I care about them as people as well. I want them to know I am not here just to «do a job», I am here, because I honestly care about them and their future. It is a rewarding job when a light shines in my student’s eyes because I have guided them to understand a concept and go beyond it. The last thing why I love teaching is that it is challenging and there is always something new to learn each working day. I know that learning a language isn’t the easiest thing in the world. But never be fear, I promise you that it is not impossible, it is even fun!
In my spare time I enjoy walking, cycling, eating as much wonderful food as I possibly can, music and films. I love traveling, when I can afford it, surely. I am also into dancing and teaching dancing fitness classes called Zumba© in a local dance studio. I dream of one day creating some good piece of music and learn Spanish.


Warm greeting to all English learners! My name is Alex. I am English teacher at BrightWay Language School. I graduated from PI ‘’International Business Academy” and I have got the academic degree of Bachelor of education (Foreign languages) in specialty 5B011900 foreign language: two foreign languages (English and German). I am still going on my self-development. I also attended the Effective Worksop Presenters, Teacher Trainer Course at ITI and I’m still going on the courses to be a teacher trainer. I’m interested in preparing lesson plans, developing authentic teaching materials, and communicative classroom activities and also focused on teaching through visuals, games, songs, chants, real materials, TPR activities and using technology. I have got one and very important pedagogical credo in my work with learners “Everyone is a unique individual who has never been before and will never again exist. I like people and I love teaching. I must be genuinely interested in what I am doing”. I use trilingual approach in teaching English at my classes.
So why not come and take a course in one of the top language schools in Almaty-BrightWay Language School? Teaching English and studying a foreign language simultaneously has been a delight. I hope to see you soon.

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Благодаря тому, что я попала в центр «BrightWay LS»,у меня есть возможность постоянно совершенствовать свой английский язык, так как у нас работает отличная команда преподавателей, настоящих профессионалов своего дела.Забота о клиентах, высокое качество обучения, профессионализм – это три ключевых фактора успешности нашей школы.Трудиться в «BrightWay LS», для меня означает быть счастливой.


Warm greetings to all English learners. My name is Gulsara. I am an English teacher at BrightWay Language School. I graduated from one of the best European universities, Warsaw University in Poland with BA and MA degrees in Modern Language, major in English Studies. Furthermore, I had a chance to become a student of Graduate Programme in International Relations faculty. Since I lived in Europe for more than 10 years, my first 3 years of teaching experience was with European students of various nationalities, with whom I mostly practiced CLT (Communicative Language Teaching) methodology. In fact, nowadays it does not matter where you are, communicating on a global scale and building interpersonal skills is more important than ever; it’s a key to a world of opportunities. That’s why assisting students to make the learning process possible and more enjoyable should be committed by teachers. With each class, I get to work with a new group of talented learners, and that is truly the best part of it. I love having students take a stance and find their support for it. I also really love when these stances launch into debates, and I get to see the students defend their opinions with logic and solid evidence. Generally, my classes are organized according to the rule «Speak in order to learn, not learn in order to speak». So why not come and take a course in one of the top language schools in Almaty—BrightWay Language School? Experience the fun of learning English and have classes with amazing teachers who have the same passion for the English language as I do!


Hello, everyone! My name is Ian. I teach English at Brightway Language School. I have been teaching kids, teenagers and adults in groups and individual classes in Kazakhstan for the last two years. I was born and raised in the United States. I studied in the states of Utah and Arizona. I have a bachelors degree and a TESOL certificate. I came to Kazakhstan in the fall of 2015. The Central Asian delicacies quickly chained themselves to my foot and I became a prisoner of this land. Frankly speaking, I’m happy about it. I have studied foreign languages, linguistics and teaching practices for the past three years. So teaching English and studying a foreign language simultaneously has been a delight. I hope to see you soon.


Hello everybody!
My name is Madina! I work as an English teacher in one of the most successful English language schools in Almaty “Bright Way Language School”. I graduated from the Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages named after Ablai Khan. I studied at pedagogical faculty of the specialty foreign language: two foreign languages (English and French). I have got Bachelor and Masters degree of foreign languages. Personally I love my profession because it makes me extremely versatile person. Also, this occupation needs to be always in search of something new, unusual and exciting. That is why I really try to organize my each lesson very interesting, cognitively and I use personal – oriented approach, CLT approach and communicative approach. By the way I prefer to use songs in English during the lesson. As far as we know, songs make students more relaxed and motivated in hard process of learning foreign language. According to this point I’m trying to make learning English more fascinating and easy.
As for my interests, they are listening to music, learning foreign languages, reading books, hiking, travelling, watching art-chaos films and cooking. In everyday life I try to use my language knowledge everywhere because nowadays we live in globalized world where you should know English. As it’s known we have trilingualism in our Education System and it means that everyone should study English. So let’s try it together in our friendly school “Bright Way Language School”. In this case I ‘d like to share my motto «If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you».